Why participate in the CRIAQ RDV Forum 2019

Participating in the CRIAQ RDV Forum 2019 allows you to benefit from a wide range of advantages:

network (1)

Network with nearly 400 decision-making specialists from OEMs, SMEs, startups, government, universities and research centers

group (2)

Meet your future collaborators with whom you will set up your projects

trend (1)

Stay tuned with the latest trends in the industry with 4.0 themes, advanced materials and structures, artificial intelligence, data recovery, hybrid electric propulsion, etc.

support (1)

Learn more about CRIAQ’s unique collaboration model, which will allow you to benefit from reduced risks associated with your R & D costs

Why submit a project

During the RDV Forum, you will benefit from an ideal showcase to submit in detail your idea that will allow you to:

Discover the funding opportunities offered by CRIAQ through ongoing programs and calls for projects

Find relevant partners with whom to collaborate

Increase the visibility of your project ideas, whether they target energy efficiency and hybrid propulsion, unmanned vehicles and autonomous vehicles, smart embedded technologies, advanced materials and structures, artificial intelligence and data recovery. still design, simulation and virtual environment etc.

Find complementary expertise to yours by working with future buyers and major contractors in aerospace


Stay tuned for CRIAQ's upcoming events and keep an eye on the latest news and achievements.

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